Friday, April 24, 2009

if I must be an alcoholic

if I must be an alcoholic
then, please
let me be a wild alcoholic
shaking to every song
smashing my cocktail glass in the jaw of
the man who put his arms
around my girl, motherfucker
pounding frantically on the keys of my
thirty year old typewriter
desperate from drunken exhaustion and a
frenzy of ideas I can barely contain
this is at least as stupid
as all of my other
I knew an alcoholic
he inhaled lighter fluid and
listened to Paul McCartney and
put the handle of the Playstation in his butt

Friday, April 17, 2009

there are several of these

so it came that the fruit fell
from the Tree of Knowledge
and I bit into it
you don't need me
to tell you how it tasted
but I will say it anyway
because I like to say things
that is what it tasted like
whose fault is it
that i can only express myself
in the language of the sewer
is it yours? I wonder
is it the fault of
one day we will be made
to stand before our God
and He will ask us
what we have done
and we will tell him:
"We ate only what you offered, Shit-Lord"

Monday, April 13, 2009

in target i became ashamed

In Target I became ashamed
when I saw the smiles of children
and the scorn of mothers
when I passed a mirror
and I saw clearly
my idiot face
a clown's hair
skinny jeans and v-neck tee
"Who decided you should be born?" asked the Universe

highfather came to me in the night

Highfather came to me in the night. "Boy!" he said. "You are to have a servant. Choose between the cunning tiger and the mighty polar bear."

"Thank you, Highfather," I said. "Which shall I choose?"

"It shall be as you will it," came his reply.

"The tiger is agile and beautiful, lion-fierce and cheetah-swift," I said. "But the polar bear is a juggernaut, a titan of the arctic. Highfather, you ask too much! I cannot choose!"

"Then you will have neither," he said, and disappeared into the night.

"So be it," I said, choking bitter tears.