Wednesday, May 13, 2009

here you are

here you are standing naked with me
in front of the mirror
telling me that we could get married and love each other forever
because we are so uniquely attracted to each other

here you are calling me an idiot
because I did not speak up when offered
my grandfather's watch

here you are drawing the scene of Creation
on your bedroom wall
filling in the wound
from which God stole Adam's rib
with your own blood

here we are stumbling into your house
on New Year's Eve
drunk and half frozen
immediately, you pulled off your pants
and set about finding me pizza

there we are in my ridiculous new chair
that you could have talked me out of buying
but you didn't
bless you
we are fucking
even though fucking
is agony for you
you want this for me
"Harder," you say

there you are in my bed
drunk and babbling to yourself
in French
I tell you
to please shut the fuck up
but you go right on babbling
thank goodness

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